Corporate Training

  • Leadership and Team Building (available face-face and online) – for managers looking for developing leadership skills. We help you develop your style and create a team that engages in a vision, communicate effectively, and solve problems together.

    • 40  hours

    • Customize your training – talk to me

  • Time management (available face-face and online)  – develop your ability to manage your energy, and use time wisely. Stay in flow. Time Management focuses on building awareness of current patterns, creating a vision for how to manage time and energy more effectively, and generating strategies for behavioral change.

    • Content:

      • Time and stress

      • Energy Management

      • Auditing your daily activities

      • Understanding your patterns

      • Developing a planner

      • Your aspirations

      • Aspirations is goals

      • From goals to creating a calendar

      • Strategies for avoiding distractions and delegating.

    • 12 hours

    • Customize your training – talk to me


  • Customer Service (face-face and online) – is it challenging for you to have a customer service standard throughout your business? Do your customers identify your brand in your services?Customer service is not just about being polite but being able to solve customers’ problems, and excel the expectations.

    • Content:

      • What is excellence in customer service? Understanding customer pain.

      • Main aspects of quality in service

      • Servicing skills

      • Stages in customer service

      • Solving complains

      • How to relate to difficult clients

      • Listening and answering ability

    • 15 hours

    • Customize your training – talk to me


  • Negotiations (face-face and online) – How frustrated it is to leave a negotiation with a feeling of failure? Nothing was gained, and you ask yourself if you could do it better. There are external factors that you cannot control, but how did you manage them? Come develop your negotiations skills. We will discuss your personal thoughts in very practical program where you practice in case studies and role plays. You will also be able to plan one of your personal negotiation case.

    • Content:

      • Where is the power in negotiations?

      • Principles of success

      • What to gain?

      • Stages of negotiation

      • Using your style and strengths

      • When they have the power

      • Planning your own negotiation case

    • 4 sessions of 3 hours

    • Customize your training – talk to me

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