Leadership Coaching

How often do you ask yourself what makes a person
engaged in going beyond and above to achieve results in your business? How do we get people motivated? How many times you have to say something until your team understands what is expected?


Leadership is a process of influencing people to follow a vision, an ideal place where all can contribute in certain direction. In a certain way we all are leaders in our company, school, family, and in any aspect that we influence others to take a certain direction. Leaders are designers that create coherence of vision and operating values. Design means making something work in practice. They mentor and coach their collaborators to reconstruct organizations that solve problems and constantly innovates systems and processes with the input of their employees.

Explore, envision, and energize your team with genuine and assertive engagement. Teams with synchronized energy do not allow parasites or stagnated peers to pertain to the group.

1- You Leadership Style – how you impact people
2- Your Development Plan
3- Creating an engaged team from selection to training and coaching
4- Developing meaning for your team
5- Managing energy – motivation
6- Solving problems – communication and team discussions
7- Delegating with accountability
8- Measuring Results

  • Two 60-min coaching calls per month (by WebEx)

  • Unlimited email access during the coaching program

  • Blog for extra discussions

  • Recordings of all coaching calls

  • Advanced notice of future webinars, online courses, programs, products, and/or live events with Priority Access for early-bird registration and discount pricing

  • An Entrepreneur Planner Bonus Gift (for new clients)!

  • Program Investment: This is a 8 month coaching program with 2 coaching sessions per month

We use online tools to facilitate communication with our clients. There is no need to lose time in traffic, or in transporting to a physical place for having time with yourcoach. We care about being accessible and reliable to listen and help our clients to create solutions in a trustworthy environment.